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4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Car This Summer

As the weather changes outside, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the changing weather. With a little maintenance, your car will be able to beat the heat of the summer and get you to where you want to go.

Way #1: Check Your Coolant

Your coolant helps keep the temperature in your engine down and prevents your engine from overheating. It is important to have enough coolant in your vehicle and to have clean coolant in your vehicle as well, especially during the summer months.

When the engine is cool, check the level of coolant in your vehicle. With coolant, you can look at the outside of the tank where the coolant is stored, and there should be markers on the tank that you can read on the outside that show the maximum and minimum fill levels for the tank. If the coolant levels are near or below the minimum fill line, you need to top off your coolant.

Coolant can last for a long time; however, coolant does break down over time. When your coolant breaks down, it will not keep your engine cool as it should. Your coolant should naturally be brightly colored. Most coolants are an orange or red color, although some are green and all coolants are translucent, which means you should be able to easily see through the coolant.

If the coolant is murky, dark-colored, or has a strange odor to it, you are going to need to get your coolant flushed. With a coolant flush, a mechanic will drain out all the old coolant, flush and drain some new coolant through the system, and then fill it up.

Way #2: Check Your Engine Belt

Inside of your engine is a serpentine belt whose job it is to run the fans inside of your engine as well as the alternator. This belt isn't designed to last forever, and it can break down over time. It is a good idea to check the condition of the serpentine belt in your engine at the start of summer and replace the belt if it is showing any signs of deterioration.

Way #3: Change Your Wipers

Your wipers probably got a good workout through the winter and springtime, when there is a lot of precipitation, which is why it is a good idea to change your wipers this summer.

That way, the next time there is a summer rainstorm, you will be able to see out of your windshield and continue to drive safely.

Way #4: Change the Air Filter

Next, you should change the air filter in your vehicle. Or you can clean the air filter if you have a type of air filter that can be cleaned. Air filters tend to get dirty in the wintertime and often get clogged up with little debris, such as decomposing leaves. A clean air filter will help your vehicle function more smoothly.  

These little maintenance fixes will keep your vehicle driving smoothly on the road this summer.

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