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Prepare To Open A Mobile Food Business

Going into business for yourself will provide you with financial freedom and will allow you to work the hours that you prefer. If making food is your passion and you envision yourself setting up a food trailer at public venues or along busy roadways and selling some of your personal creations, then here are some tips to help you plan how you will execute your business plan.

Be Aware Of Licensing And Zoning

Don't purchase a food trailer until you find out what type of licensing fees you will be responsible for. A food trailer may contain kitchen equipment, a heating and air conditioning unit, and electricity, and all of these items will need to be inspected prior to opening your business. New food trailers that are fully stocked will essentially provide you with a turnkey business. You can also acquire everything you need by purchasing a pre-owned trailer that was previously used to prepare and sell food.

After deciding how much money you are willing to invest in a trailer, find out everything that needs to be fulfilled on your end by contacting a local court house clerk and requesting information about setting up a concession stand. You can operate a food trailer in any area that is zoned for public use, but may be required to pay a fee for this privilege. 

Invest In A Food Trailer

Going inside of a series of trailers and looking at the amount of working space and the condition and functional capabilities of the appliances that are furnished will help you select a food trailer for sale that will work for your needs. If you are going to be serving a lot of grilled specialties, you may want to invest in a trailer that contains a couple grilling stations or a large grill that will support a lot of food items at the same time.

Try to picture yourself working inside of each trailer that you tour and envision how you will prepare each dish and the manner in which you will serve your clients. If you have an outdoor venue in mind, which allows owner-operators to set up an outdoor dining area, invest in disposable trays and use these to serve your guests.

An informal dining area can be constructed by using lightweight tables and chairs, which can be stacked up when not in use. Look for a trailer that contains enough storage space for the ingredients that you will be using and any extra items that are needed to make your business a success.